This session will provide an in-depth review of lateral hip pain – a common, yet challenging clinical entity presenting in athletes and active adults. Speakers will review the pathology of lateral hip pain, outlining the concept of “the hip rotator cuff” and the unique aspects of anatomy and pathophysiology of this complex region. Next, an evidence-based review of the management of lateral hip pain will be presented, inclusive of concepts related to: biomechanics optimization, extracorporeal shock wave therapy, injection-based treatment, regenerative medicine, and finally, the role of gait retraining. This session will provide learners with practical, hands-on tools to manage lateral hip pain in their daily practices, inclusive of both inpatient and outpatient settings. The session will used a mixed-methods approach with several high-quality didactic lectures, flanked by a “poll the audience” quiz and a prolonged question and answer period, enabling extensive discussion and audience participation.