Cryoneurolysis is an innovative approach to treating pain or spasticity that allows 3-9 months of relief while avoiding side effects of pharmaceutical treatments. Focused cold therapy is relevant to the patients that physiatrists serve, whether they have musculoskeletal pain or neuromuscular disease. Attendees will learn how to enhance the success of their clinical practices, in turn improving physical function and quality of life for their patients.

This course will offer a blend of adult learning styles, starting with three 30-minute didactic multimedia presentations, with question periods following each. First, the evidence base for focused cold therapy will be introduced. The second presentation will explain the established use of cryoneurolysis for treatment of somatic pain— pain in the knee, ankle, chest wall, face; meralgia paresthetica; pain from incisions or burns; or peri-operative pain (e.g. knee surgery). The final presentation will introduce emerging uses of cryoneurolysis for neuropathic pain (e.g phantom limb pain, stump neuroma, Morton’s neuroma, focal neuralgia, etc.) and spasticity.

Following this, participants will rotate among five 15-minute small group active learning sessions to gain hands-on experience with the techniques of cryoneurolysis with guidance from experienced clinicians.