Neurolysis of peripheral motor nerves can be performed to treat regional spasticity. A neurolytic agent such as alcohol (60-65% ethyl alcohol or 6-10% phenol) can be used to mobilize joints negatively affected by spasticity. Chemoneurolysis with Botulinum toxin injections to unusual spastic muscles can be done under ultrasound guide.

This hands on session will teach alcohol neurolysis and diagnostic lidocaine nerve blocks for upper and lower extremity spasticity management as well as botulinum toxin injections to unusual spastic head/neck/paraspinals /hip muscles.

Each presenter will give a short (5 minute) demonstration describing the technique of finding a nerve or unusual muscles and describing their utility. The attendees will divide into groups led by each presenter, to practice the technique on a live person.

The last 5 minutes will be used to practice ultrasound-guided injections on Blue Phantom ultrasound training models.Learning Center Hands-On Demonstrations session offers unique individualized teaching/learning experience to enhance maximum benefit for the attendees.