The increasing presence of comprehensive spine centers is a consequence of the increasing trend towards patient centered care, which includes interdisciplinary treatment plans. This shift in care means specialized health care providers now must have a better understanding of all the available treatment options; it is increasingly important that interventionalists have a basic understanding of integrative options and vice versa.

This session will highlight and overview current literature as it pertains to treatment options for low back pain. An evidence based overview of how various integrative treatment modalities such as acupuncture, mindfulness meditation, and yoga are employed in an integrative health care model will be covered.

Conversely, appropriate indications and evidence-based outcomes will be discussed as they pertain to acute, chronic, and surgical lumbar conditions.

Lastly, addressing psychosocial issues and employing behavioral techniques to increase motivation and engagement is gaining increasing attention in the rehabilitation and surgical realm and this will be discussed in context as well.

The session will conclude with a case example and relevant discussion of the case by panel members.