Burnout is a major problem among physicians and according to the literature physiatrists are ranked third (behind emergency medicine and urology) for symptoms. Despite the high burnout rate in physiatrists, few studies have been conducted in the specialty. In this unique session, physiatrists who are actively studying burnout in the physiatry workforce team up with a leading psychiatrist from the American Psychiatric Association to discuss information on physician burnout and wellness. During the first part of this session, participating faculty will present an evidence-based update on burnout including definitions, symptoms, tools to measure symptoms, risk factors, and impact on doctors and patients (1hr). In the second part of this session, participants will be divided into small groups where they will work together to share information about how burnout is being addressed at their institutions (30min). These groups will help physiatrists disseminate crucial information about how burnout is being managed in real-time, and may in turn provide them with best practice solutions and strategies that they can then implement at their own institutions/practices. Moreover, these groups will help participants recognize and hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls of creating or participating in wellness programs that are inefficient and/or ineffective. Participants will come away from this session with an up-to-date understanding of physician workforce burnout through the lens of PM&R.