This session aims to educate participants on gender inequality in medicine particularly as related to leadership and career advancement. Recently, numerous studies have highlighted improved patient care outcomes driven by care being rendered by a female physician. Yet, women are paid less, promoted less often in academic medicine and have barriers to publication based on gender. The initial portion of this program will review the aforementioned research as well as outline biases and barriers that may be at play. The second portion of the session will teach some basic tenants of negotiation, particularly for female physicians for private practice and academics. These tactics will give women tools for academic laddering as well as furthering private practice careers that may include leadership positions. Lastly, the presentation will go through some video scenarios mimicking evaluation and negotiation. Audience participation will focus on analysis of these interactions. The goal of the presentation would be to arm all physiatrists, but particularly women, with negotiation and self-advocacy strategies. For the men in the audience, the hope would be to bring to light the disparities, dispel any myths associated with the gender gap and allow for analysis of any inherit bias.