This will be an active session to have participants rotate through four different stations to actually perform the initial treatments performed by an interdisciplinary team. This will include a session with PT, OT, Clinical Psychology and Biofeedback, to see how these treatments are initially presented to patients to help them understand and 'buy into' this form of treatment. The use of interdisciplinary care has been demonstrated to provide more significant benefit with persons who experience chronic pain but it is difficult to get patients to participate and accept the need for this treatment. The determining factor for success for most people is their compliance with a program and the implementation/incorporation of these techniques into their life style. This session will help practitioners understand how the team presents these topics to patients to help them get started with the process. Although many practitioners will not have access to working with an interdisciplinary team, they are often involved in trying to help patients get to a program and get started with this kind of treatment. This session will help all practitioners be able to counsel and direct patients about the key components of such program that will help them help themselves.