This session will provide presentations on the methodology, results, and conclusions of completed studies, followed by question-and-answer periods. The presentations will consist of completed experimental studies or well-controlled epidemiologic studies. Research podium presentations provide an opportunity for self-directed learning for those physicians who attend the presentations and participate in the discussions. The presentations will be overseen by an expert moderator who will facilitate a constructive and challenging discussion about the research and educational process.


Learning Objectives


    • Participants will be able to practice evidence-based, informed physiatric care.


    • Apply knowledge to guide clinical decisions in practice and treatment of patients.


  • Discuss recent research relevant to physiatrists specializing in musculoskeletal medicine.


Presented in this session:


·       Inter-rater reliability for identifying spondyloarthropathy on lumbar spine imaging reports (Poster 96)


·       The First 24 Hours: The Impact of Opioids on Spinal Cord Injury Recovery.

(Poster 97)


·       Bone Density Changes on CT in the Sacroiliac Joint after Lumbar Fusion.

(Poster 99)


·       Cross-Transfer Effects of Blood Flow Restricted Exercise in Patients with Recurrent Low Back Pain (Poster 100)


·       A Randomized Comparative Trial of Medial Branch Nerve Cooled Versus Traditional Radiofrequency Ablation for the Treatment of Zygaphophyseal Joint Pain; 6-month Outcomes. (Poster 101)