In order to become an effective leader, everyone must first manage themselves. Through an analysis of your Myers Briggs personality type, attendees will learn about their greatest strengths and weaknesses. Understanding how the different personality types play out in personal and professional domains is often enlightening and empowering. Once you have identified areas of growth that might be holding you back or zeroing down on your strengths-­‐ the sky is the limit! Although many have done Myers Brigg testing in other settings-­‐ this is the first known offering where 2 Myers Brigg certified Physiatrists will be leading the sessions. We understand the environment you work in and will help you dissect your personality and relate it back to the world we all work in.

The second portion of the morning will be spent evaluating the world of emotional intelligence. Another key ingredient to managing yourself is understanding what areas in the emotional domain are your strengths and which are your weaknesses. We will talk about the different components of emotional intelligence. The best part-­‐ you can raise your emotional intelligence scores-­‐ we will give some guidance about strategies to employ to help your score soar to new heights. Participants in this session are expected to have completed the Myers Briggs Assessment prior to the start of the session. Each participant will be emailed the access to the test. If you have not received a communication about the test, please email assembly@aapmr.org.