The sacroiliac joint and it's associated ligaments are a common cause of low back pain. This small group learning session will be a dynamic, evidence and experience based approach to the use of orthobiologic injections for the sacroiliac joint region and associated enthesopathy. We will present a systematic approach to the specific physical exam of the SI ligaments, SI joint, iliolumbar and sacrotuberous ligaments which contribute to pain in the region and are good targets for orthobiologic injections.

The precise ultrasound diagnostic scanning and sono palpation of these structures will be taught along with the ultrasound guided injection approach. Importantly, we will present cutting edge knowledge and research about the use of dextrose prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma in this region. Patient selection, injection sequencing, and appropriate post procedure protocol recommendations will be presented. This will have relevance to the athletic population as well as seniors with chronic pain from osteoarthritis of the SI joint.