This session is a 1-hour interactive didactic session, with live tutorials on how anyone can use free websites and smart phone applications to improve community access for individuals with mobility and visual impairments.

Over the last 5 years, there has been a steady increase in products that aim to improve community access for individuals with disabilities. Despite this growing network of accessibility advancements, most rehabilitation physicians are unaware of these products that could improve the daily lives of their patients. These products can minimize transportation barriers for individuals with disabilities, including accessible and subsidized ride-sharing services, accessible public transit information and navigation to available, accessible parking. Other services can minimize physical barriers in the environment by mapping out accessible sidewalk paths, accessible business and accessible restrooms in a standardized way. Recent services to improve accessible travel have also emerged.

We will also demonstrate features of smart phones that allow individuals with visual impairments to use these services as well. This session will focus on teaching all attendees how they can easily use, and show their patients how to use, these free and practical solutions to accessibility problems.