MedFest offers free sports physicals to people with intellectual disabilities (ID) and provides physicians with training and specialized experience in the examination and assessment of people with ID. MedFest is an initiative of Special Olympics, the single largest healthcare provider to patients with ID in the world.

Using a Small Group Active Learning format, the Project Team will simulate a Special Olympics MedFest venue in order to teach physiatrists how to conduct sports physicals for patients with ID, such as Special Olympic athletes. Participants will break into small groups and will rotate through the different MedFest stations, focusing on key clinical considerations for patients with ID: height/weight station, vision screening station, vitals station, and the physical exam station. Each station presents an opportunity to address both knowledge and practice gaps in the care of patients with ID.

Prior to these stations, the Project Team will deliver brief foundational lectures, to educate physiatrists about patients with intellectual disability. These lectures will cover the following topics: health disparities faced by patients with ID, topics in the clinical care of pediatric patients and adult patients with ID, and examples of how MedFest has been incorporated into PM&R residency programs, as a unique opportunity for residents to gain exposure to patients with ID in a non-acute setting.