This workshop is aimed at providing residents and fellows with guided hands on experience evaluating MRI of the shoulder and Knee. We will focus on teaching how to identify normal anatomy on MRI as well as review cases with pathology. We will then also correlate normal ultrasound anatomy in real time to help solidify the anatomy. We plan on having roughly 15-20 trainees.

The first 20 minutes will be a whole group lecture discussing the basics of MRI (technology behind it, the different sequences-- T1, T2, Fat Supressed/STIR, axial/coronal, sagital, typical signal of common structures--ie: tendon dark on T2). We will then provide a 20 minute lecture overview of normal anatomy of the shoulder along with live US correlates. Then we will divide up into 3 groups (or more if we have additional instructors) for hands on practice.

There will be 1 instructor per group. For about 1 hour the instructor will guide each of the 5-7 participants through review of basic MRI should anatomy (on a laptop) and then through cases. An ultrasound machine will be at each station to correlate anatomy. Then we will repeat the same sequence of 20 minute lecture and 1 hour practice for the knee.