The heart of physiatry, whether in the inpatient or outpatient setting is the physical examination. Palpation, range or restriction of motion, asymmetry; using your hands to determine the dysfunction and to guide your treatment. Manual Manipulation is simply a bridge from diagnosis to treatment, often being performed concomitantly. The medical community is filled with various practitioners using an array of manual techniques, but physiatrists by nature are exceptional candidates to treat with manipulation. So where to start? For the MD with minimal experience in manipulation, or the DO long past days in the skills lab it is difficult to find those first steps and basic concepts of manual manipulation treatment to lay the groundwork for expanding in expertise and practice.

In this workshop, we aim to introduce ground floor terminology of manual manipulation, discuss various technique types including specific examples, and quickly transition to hands-on application and practice of core examples of the major categories of manual manipulation techniques. We aim to set a fundamental foundation, but also provide knowledge that may be carried home and applied in a wide variety of patient treatment settings. No previous knowledge of manipulation theory, techniques or modalities is necessary for this workshop.