In this 2 part session we will introduce the functional medicine approach to patient care. Functional medicine is a systems-based and personalized approach to optimizing health and reversing disease. We will provide an overview of the concepts of the systems based matrix, how to implement this in your practice, as well as patient selection.

This session will demonstrate how a physiatrist in any practice setting can begin to move beyond the acute care and disease-based model of patient care and effectively restore the health and improve the outcomes of their patients. We will present common environmental, dietary and lifestyle imbalances seen in our patient population and introduce a simple algorithm and approach to begin applying this personalized approach to patients in order to optimize their response to treatment, whether it be general pain, specific sports related injury, wellness for cancer prevention, nervous system health, etc.

This panel will then transition into part 2 of the session that will focus on case presentations and detailed discussion of specific applications of this model. This session will introduce ideas and direct practical applications that physicians can begin to incorporate into their practice on Monday.