Many physiatrists now practice in subspecialty clinics. While specialization does have benefits, a potential negative is diminishing skills and knowledge of topics that are related but not commonly encountered within the confines of highly specialized practice. One such example is physiatrists that practice in either a comprehensive spine center or sports medicine clinic. Hip or lumbar spine pathology can present similarly, and as such the potential exists for patients with hip pathology to be referred to a spine clinic and vice versus. A primary goal of the session will be to educate physiatrists who practice in a variety of different clinical practices and encourage collaboration in the setting of increasing specialized care within our field. This session will first focus on the anatomic and physiologic reasons on why there is so much overlap in the presentation of hip and spine pathology. Using an evidence based approach, indications for imagining and how the results of imaging correlate with symptoms will be covered for both hip and spine. Similarly, the validity of diagnostic injections for hip and spine will be covered. Lastly, a clinical approach on management of concomitantly present hip and spine pathology will be covered. These topics will be universally relevant to physiatrists practicing along the spectrum of specialized spine clinics, general physiatry clinics, and sports medicine clinics.