Women physicians make up 34% of the U.S. physician population and 35% of the physiatrist pool. The 2013-14 AAMC data shows that while 46% of graduating residents are women, only 38% of faculty in academic centers are women (21% of full professors and 16% deans).The situation in PMR is even more dire, inspite of an increased awareness of this issue in recent years.

Dr. Felicia Ambrose will discuss the academic and economic state of women physicians including gender disparities in compensation, research funding, leadership positions and in career opportunities. She will present data from US academic centers, including Rehabilitation Medicine Departments.

Dr. Mooyeon Oh Park will discuss strategies to identify barriers for women faculty and potential solutions. She will provide tools on identifying promotion criteria within your institution, how to interpret the criteria and create an action plan to help academic advancement.

Dr. Ambrose will discuss approaches on creating a successful Teaching Portfolio to include in promotion packages.

Finally, Dr. Sara Cuccurrullo, Chair of JFK Rehabilitation Medicine will share her insights on contract negotiations. She will provide information on how to prepare for the discussions as well as highlight resources and type of information that will be useful.

At the end of this session, attendees will gain insights into the scope of the problem and obtain practical tools to help with their career journey.