Implementing a Meds to Beds program in an inpatient rehabilitation facility can ease patients’ transition back to home, reduce readmission rates, and improve medication adherence, and patient’s satisfaction. In addition, it can improve a facility’s compliance with regulations and increase 90-day follow up patient satisfaction scores. Building this service requires planning, utilization of a facility’s technology, innovative thinking, and collaboration within a multidisciplinary team. The key to successfully establishing a Meds to Beds program is careful consideration and planning for initiation and expansion. Critical elements include buy-in, proper utilization of resources, anticipating road blocks, and innovative thinking to streamline transitions of care. Frazier Rehab Institute has been able to implement a successful Meds to Beds program through a multidisciplinary approach utilizing their current resources and technology in order to optimize patient care and outcomes. There is no “one size fits all” Meds to Beds program but having a strong foundation to build off is vital to help assist in establishing a Meds to Beds program at your institution. During this session we will go over why we implemented a meds to beds program at Frazier Rehab with the use of real-life cases, the step wised approach utilized in implementing the program (workflow), road blocks we have faced and solutions, and the benefits we have seen at Frazier through the multidisciplinary team’s eyes.